Tutor-like Feedback And Automated Content: Digital Learning Becomes Even More Effective With eggheads’ New AI

Tutor-like Feedback And Automated Content: Digital Learning Becomes Even More Effective With eggheads’ New AI

eggheads, a leading microlearning platform, launches new AI capabilities. When employees of eggheads customers learn via chat, they now receive personalized feedback on their answers from the AI, just like from a tutor. The AI bases its response on in-house knowledge. In addition, companies can convert existing content into interactive tutorials and quizzes at the touch of a button. After successful pilot tests with customers, the new functions are now generally available, including a free version.

ChatGPT has proven to be an effective learning tool, but reaches its limits when company-specific knowledge is required. To fill this gap, eggheads has added AI capabilities to its microlearning platform. These innovations enable companies to address common learning issues such as lack of time, lack of motivation, and lack of content relevance. Below is an overview of the updates:

1. Rapid creation of learning content with AI

Companies often have many resources that they use as the basis for digital learning content. Now they can input them at eggheads and turn them into a chat-based tutorial or quiz with the click of a button. They can review the result and enrich it with multimedia elements such as videos or GIFs. This way, they retain editorial control over the content. This speeds up the content creation process and makes it easier to adapt content to different target groups.


2. More engagement through personalized feedback

Eggheads is redefining digital learning by making it both personal and scalable. Companies can ask their employees open-ended questions and prompt them to formulate their answer in their own words. Much like an interaction with a tutor, users receive feedback tailored to their responses, with guidance on potential improvements. This feedback is derived from custom knowledge. This can be used to conduct challenging quizzes or role-playing games.


3. Higher Content Relevance through deep AI Insights

When companies ask their employees open-ended questions, they receive free-form answers. This unstructured data can now be analyzed by AI. Companies thus gain valuable insights into their target group and their needs.


4. Enhanced reach and accessibility through AI translations

AI translates chat-based learning nuggets with one click. Currently, eggheads supports the translation of chat-based microlearning modules into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. More languages will be added depending on customer needs.

Everyone is talking about AI, but it often remains unclear which concrete advantages this technology offers in everyday life. With the new AI capabilities, eggheads demonstrates how artificial intelligence can specifically transform how employees engage with business knowledge and maximize the impact of workplace learning.

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