Microlearning with chat-based learning nuggets in Microsoft Teams

Microlearning with chat-based learning nuggets in Microsoft Teams

To keep employees up to date and drive change, companies can now use chat-based learning nuggets directly in Microsoft Teams. This allows them to reach employees where they collaborate and in a way that meets their habits: via chat. Staying relevant at work becomes easy and fun. Knowledge spreads faster and more efficiently. The new Microsoft Teams App called egghead empowers this new way of digital learning.

Get to know the egghead Microsoft Teams App that turns Microsoft Teams into a Microlearning App.

Chat has established itself in the workplace. Business messengers like Microsoft Teams, Slack & Co. have become the central hub of internal collaboration. Worldwide, 500,000 companies, schools, and organizations rely on Teams alone; around 150 million employees and students use the application.

Now companies can use Teams for their microlearning and internal campaigns to drive change. This is made possible by chat-based learning nuggets that the Swiss start-up eggheads brings directly into Microsoft Teams with its new Teams App called the egghead. This empowers companies to reach their employees where they collaborate and bring knowledge into the flow of work.

Easy and fun for employees

Previously, employees could interact with their company’s chat-based learning nuggets via any browser on their smartphone or computer. Now they can absorb the knowledge delivered to them directly in Microsoft Teams. It’s a short, interactive, and entertaining experience that is similar to a chat on popular messaging or language learning apps.

For efficient and agile knowledge transfer

Anyone who designs learning and internal communication in a company can use eggheads to bring their own topics to employees in the form of chat-based learning nuggets. Feedback can also be collected this way. Like in a campaign, it can be determined who should receive which knowledge at which time.

When there is something new to learn, employees receive a notification. Previously, this could be an SMS or email. Now Microsoft Teams notifies them directly. After employees have interacted with the chat-based learning nuggets, trainers gain insights into the knowledge status of their teams in the analytics module of eggheads.

With eggheads, companies can create chat-based learning nuggets themselves and thus bring their topics to their employees in a few hours instead of weeks or months as with other formats. This makes them more agile and allows them to drive change.

The most popular use cases

Insurers, banks, and fintech are already using eggheads to transfer and refresh knowledge. The most popular use cases include sales and product knowledge training, customer service training, employee onboarding, compliance training, or awareness campaigns such as for IT security or data privacy. With regular impulses, companies explain new knowledge to their employees, refresh it in a playful way, or challenge them with quizzes. In this way, they ensure that knowledge sits, remains present, and is applied.

Get the egghead Microsoft Teams App in Microsoft App Source or install it directly from the App store in Microsoft Teams.

AI-enhanced microlearning allows you to quickly and efficiently share, review, and test knowledge, making sure it is remembered effectively.

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