Data Privacy Micro Course

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Outcomes and Content

At the end of this course, employees will understand the major concepts and principles of the GDPR and SwissDPA and know what they need to consider when processing personal data.

Major topics covered:

The data privacy micro-course is packed with real-life examples and tips and tricks. These help participants apply what they learn in in their daily work situations.

Target Audience

This Data Privacy Micro Course is designed for employees in industries like ICT, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Manufacturing.

The Experts

This course is crafted by data privacy experts, led by David Rosenthal and his team at VISCHER AG. It guarantees precise, relevant content with the latest industry insights. Content delivery is refined by eggheads for maximum engagement and retention.

Course Duration

The micro-course includes 23 chats, each lasting about 2 minutes. To prevent information overload and improve knowledge retention and awareness, we recommend distributing the chats periodically, such as every two weeks. The Micro Course provides a full year’s worth of data privacy training and awareness.


The data privacy training and awareness micro course is currently available in English. Other languages are available upon request.

How it works

Our micro course on data privacy is delivered via a proactive e-learning chatbot. It’s as if every employee could chat with a knowledgeable friend. It uses interactive quizzes and real-life stories to make learning engaging and simple.

There are two ways how employees can access these chat-based learning nuggets:

  1. Through any web browser using a link. This enables seamless integration, for example, with your existing LMS/LXP or intranet.
  2. Through the egghead app within Microsoft Teams

Either way: No new app is needed.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is available with Microsoft (Microsoft Entra ID, formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory).

Learn more about how it works: Chat-based Employee Training: How it Works with eggheads 

Resources and Support

Regular updates guarantee that your team stays informed and compliant in the ever-changing landscape of data privacy. Technical support is provided by eggheads.


Get this data privacy micro course for any number of employees required. License pricing begins at 29 CHF per license, with discounts available for increased user volume.

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