This Is How You Improve
Your Team’s Performance

With your egghead, the AI-enhanced chatbot, you can quickly create and proactively share interactive micro content. Your egghead explains knowledge and checks it. It collects and evaluates feedback and answers open questions.

Create Engaging
Content in No Time

No matter your team’s size or skill level, eggheads offers a range of solutions to help you create the content your audience desires.

Let AI Write it

If you don’t want to start on the blank page, AI is there to help. Just input existing content and let AI generate the first draft of your chat-based tutorial or quiz. You keep the editorial control – just review, make changes, and publish.


Craft it Yourself

You don’t need designers or an agency to produce conversational micro-content that educates and captivates your audience. Anyone can create a chat-based learning nugget (or in short: a chat). Content creation becomes a breeze.

Or Pick a
Ready-for-Use Digital Assistant

Sometimes, you don’t have the resources to create your own content. Good news: we have you covered. Pick a ready-for-use digital assistant for Data Privacy (GDPR, Swiss DPA), Cyber Security, or Generative AI.

They share expert knowledge, check it, and answer questions – even using your documents.

Create Tutorials, Quizzes, Surveys

Say goodbye to clunky authoring tools, say hello to a lightweight and easy-to-use creator tool built for the messaging age.

Create your chat-based learning nuggets — or e-learning chatbots — and use them as interactive tutorials, engaging quizzes, or insightful surveys.

Provide Personalized Feedback

Ask participants open-ended questions and provide personalized, AI-supported feedback tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Whether it’s for assessments, knowledge checks or role-plays, deliver an immersive experience that truly resonates with your users.


Translate on the Spot

When your chat-based tutorials, quizzes, and surveys are ready for your team, the AI translates them in moments. This allows you to provide relevant knowledge in the languages your participants speak.

Answer Questions

Sharing knowledge proactively with your team helps everyone remember it better. If questions arise later, your digital assistant will answer them immediately –

in the moment of need in the flow of work.

Upload Your Documents

You can upload your own documents for your egghead to use when answering questions. Existing chats can also serve as a basis.

Your team can ask questions directly after receiving a chat if something is still unclear, or at any later time.

Reach Your Team
Where They Already Are

Capture attention and engage your audience in their preferred environment. Use the tools they’re familiar with, like a browser or Microsoft Teams. No need for new apps.

Via link

Each chat-based learning nugget comes with a unique link. Share it through Email, Messenger Apps, Social Media, your LMS/LXP, HRMS, embed it on your website (iframe) or turn it into a QR code.

It’s a flexible, accessible way to deliver content that anyone with a smartphone or computer can access.


Via Microsoft Teams

Leverage the workspace where your audience already collaborates and communicates – Microsoft Teams. With our Microsoft Teams App, the egghead, deliver bite-sized learning right into the flow of their daily tasks.

Analyze and improve

Gain an in-depth understanding of your participants through granular analytics. Track their actions, assess their knowledge, and gather their feedback to measure progress and shape your strategy based on data.

Total Engagement Overview

Get a clear overview of how everyone is engaging with your chats. See responses and completion rates. All participants stay anonymous, ensuring privacy while you learn more about your audience.

Participation Report

Dive deeper and see who’s interacting with your chats. Track who’s joined, who’s started, and who’s completed your chats.

AI-powered insights

Enhance your understanding with AI’s ability to analyze unstructured data from surveys, quizzes or role-play scenarios. This unlocks further learning opportunities and rich insights.


Understandably, you already have different tools in place. That’s why eggheads blends effortlessly into your existing tech ecosystem. 

Into your LMS/LXP or HRMS

Whether it’s your Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Experience Platform (LXP), or Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), eggheads integrates seamlessly, provided the other tools allow to integrate links.

Into your website

You can also embed your chats on your own website (using an iframe).

Into Microsoft Teams

When you use Microsoft Teams, you can turn the hub for communication and collaboration into a microlearning tool with the egghead Microsoft Teams App.

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Below are your questions and our answers structured by topic:

General product information

eggheads is a leading AI-driven microlearning platform. It empowers you to easily create, share and analyze engaging, chat-based learning nuggets that make knowledge retention a breeze. Whether you’re crafting these nuggets manually or using our AI-assisted tool for a quick first draft, you’ll find sharing knowledge has never been this smooth and efficient.

Add eggheads to your learning and communication tool suite if you want to reinforce key knowledge and keep up awareness. The Microlearning approach based on a technique called spaced repetition increases knowledge retention and thus increases the overal impact of training. Use it to onboard new team members, reinforce key messages (refresher training), train product knowledge, for customer service training or compliance training.

Yes, eggheads is a lightweight authoring tool that lets you create chat-based tutorials, quizzes, and surveys. It is a tool for digital communication and learning (e-learning).

No, eggheads is not a traditional Learning Management System (LMS), in the sense that it allows you to host and administrate your learning content library and users. eggheads does offer some LMS-like features such as content creation, user management, sharing functionalities and analytics. It can be integrated with existing LMS platforms.

Yes, you could say eggheads is a Learning Content Management System (LCMS). eggheads is a tool designed for creating, sharing and analyzing chat-based learning content as well as manage users and learning content, specifically: the chat-based learning nuggets.

Yes, eggheads is a microlearning tool. It allows you to craft, distribute and analyze bite-sized educational content and provide a conversational learning experience.

Yes, you can describe eggheads as a nanolearning platform. The ideal length of a chat interaction has proven to be about one to two minutes. Depending on your perspective and definitions, eggheads can be seen as a nanolearning tool.

Yes, eggheads builds on chatbot technology to allow you to provide a conversational content experience; in that sense it is a chatbot tool with a focus on applications around informing, educating and engaging users.

Most chatbot tools focus on customer service with the main capability to answer questions or marketing and sales with the main capability to generate and qualify leads.

eggheads on the other hand is specialised in allowing you to inform, educate and engage users. The main purpose is sharing helpful knowledge.

With eggheads, you can create, share and analyze educational learning content in a chat-based format. This leads to a different feature set.

The important question to ask yourself is: what do I want to achieve? Based on these requirements you’ll identify which type of chatbot solution is right for you.

A chat-based learning nugget is a short and focused automated chat that shares helpful business knowledge. It’s a conversational and interactive learning experience.

Conversational learning or conversational microlearning is an approach, that shares knowledge in a conversational way. Typically this is a chat-based or text-based format that builds on chatbot technology to automate the interaction.

Content Creation

Not at all. With eggheads’ user-friendly and lightweight content creation tool (authoring tool), anyone can effortlessly craft chat-based learning nuggets without seeking professional assistance.

Eggheads collaborates with partners who supply ready-made content. Alternatively, you can employ our AI to repurpose existing content into captivating learning experiences.

Just submit your content and our AI will construct a draft of your chat-based tutorial or quiz, simplifying your creation process. You can edit and enhance your content. You maintain full editorial control over the final content.


Yes, eggheads is designed for multi-device accessibility. Whether at home or on the move, learners can conveniently access content.

Reporting and Analytics

You get the following: 
1. Total Engagement Overview: here you find participants’ aggregate engagement, completion rates, and responses.
2. Participation Report: here you find who was invited and has started or completed your chats.
3. AI-powered insights analyze unstructured data for deeper understanding. Participation

Yes, eggheads provides aggregate analytics that keep individual users anonymous.

Yes, eggheads’ AI can analyze unstructured data from surveys, quizzes, or role-play scenarios.

Detailed tracking and reporting on individual activities is currently not available.


Yes, eggheads can be integrated seamlessly with your existing LMS/LXP or HRMS if the tools allow link integrations.

Yes, if your Intranet or Website allows iframes (inline frames to embed another document within the current HTML document), you can provide access to your conversational content that way.

Yes. With the Microsoft Teams App called egghead you turn Microsoft Teams into a Microlearning tool and reach and engage employees directly in their workflow.

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