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The video shows how the egghead explains a topic in Microsoft Teams.

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Outcomes and Content

When you let egghead train your staff on generative AI, you familiarize them with the essentials of the technology.

Anyone who goes through all the chats will be able to assess the possibilities and limits of generative AI and understand its potential for practical use in everyday work.

The egghead proactively communicates these topics

The dialogs contain many practical examples, tips, and tricks. These help participants apply what they have learned in their day-to-day work. Request a quote to receive a list of all the topics covered.

The egghead answers questions on these topics

egghead can answer your team’s queries on the above topics. You can also add your own documents, such as AI guidelines, to the knowledge base so egghead can provide information about them as well.

Target Audience

The digital assistant is designed for organizations that need an efficient and effective way to prepare their staff for the practical use of generative AI.

The content is suitable for people with little or no experience with ChatGPT and similar technologies.


egghead notifies employees about basic knowledge around 20 times. Each interaction lasts 1-2 minutes.

These regular prompts (nudges) prevent information overload, which often occurs during long training sessions.

The short sessions can be easily integrated into everyday work, helping to recall important messages and support the adoption of generative AI in your organization.

We recommend rolling out the chats over a period of approximately 2-3 months. Shorter, more intensive campaigns are also possible.


egghead currently provides important content in German and English (other languages available on request). It answers employee questions in the user’s language.

How it works

The egghead, the digital assistant for generative AI, is:

  1. Proactive: Like a tutor or trainer or buddy or coach, it notifies your team about key topics. It explains them in a conversational chat format and uses real-life stories and interactive quizzes to make it engaging and simple.
  2. Reactive: It answers your team’s questions about generative AI and, if desired, about internal documents such as AI guidelines.

Employees can interact with the egghead in two ways:

  1. Via the egghead Microsoft Teams app directly in Microsoft Teams, providing the simplest and most frictionless option.
  2. Via a link in any web browser or existing channels, allowing seamless integration with your current LMS/LXP or intranet.


Make the egghead available to any number of employees. The price for a license starts at CHF 29 per employee per year, with discounts available for increased user volume.

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