“Our Micro Course on Data Privacy Creates Awareness in a Fun Way”

“Our Micro Course on Data Privacy Creates Awareness in a Fun Way”

In this interview, David Rosenthal, one of the leading Swiss experts in the field of Data and Technology law, highlights the importance of data privacy protection training. It’s essential not only to avoid fines by ensuring everyone knows and follows the law but also to provide personal and professional benefits to employees. Using engaging approaches like chat-based micro-courses makes the training more effective. It improves employees’ understanding and use of data protection principles in their work.

David Rosenthal: “Data Privacy training mitigates the risk of data breaches or any kind of misuse of personal data and protects individuals’ rights”. (Foto: Vischer)

Do data protection regulations like the GDPR or the Swiss Data Protection Act require organizations to train employees on data protection? Or is this just a nice-to-have?

Training employees on data protection is a crucial part of each organization’s compliance with EU and Swiss legal requirements. By educating your employees, you ensure that they understand their responsibilities and obligations regarding the handling of personal data. This helps to mitigate the risk of data breaches or any kind of misuse of personal data and to protect individuals’ rights. As such, it is not just a nice-to-have, but a necessary organizational measure to protect the personal data your organization processes.

What happens, when we don’t do it? Can we get fined?

If organizations fail to comply with certain provisions of data protection law, they and sometimes even the responsible individuals can be fined. If such a breach happens, the fact that a company has trained its employees in understanding and complying with data protection laws can help to avoid or at least limit such fines. This is true in particular for management executives in Switzerland who can become personally responsible for not having diligently selected, instructed, and monitored their employees.

How can we make data protection training as effective, sustainable, and frictionless as possible? 

You have to find a way to train employees so that they do not get bored and maintain their attention while you work on getting the message across. We found that a micro-course provides interactive and engaging content that keeps employees actively involved in the learning process. The chats only last about two minutes each, ensuring that your employees receive bite-sized pieces of information they can actually remember. Also, the micro-course can be accessed anytime and anywhere, making it convenient for employees to complete the training at their own pace.

An employee might ask: What’s in it for me? Why is the time spent in data protection training well spent and not just “time away from work”?

It is important to highlight that the employees benefit personally from receiving adequate data protection training. By understanding the principles of data protection, employees can also protect themselves and their personal information from unwanted or even unlawful use. Employees are not only representing the company; they are at the same time “data subjects” themselves. Furthermore, employees who demonstrate a strong understanding of data protection may have better career prospects and opportunities, as data protection becomes an increasingly important aspect of many industries.

Why did you create a chat-based data protection micro-course? What’s different from traditional training methods, such as workshops, regular e-learning, or explainer videos?

We created a chat-based data protection micro-course to address the limitations of traditional training methods. Regular workshops, e-learning, or explainer videos often lack interactivity and may fail to engage employees effectively. The micro-course takes advantage of the conversational nature of chatbots, allowing for a more dynamic, enjoyable, and immersive learning experience.

At the same time, the preprogramming of the courses will ensure that each episode is actually completed successfully. You can’t outsmart the system and get distracted from the learning content. The use of real-life scenarios and practical examples helps employees understand the relevance and application of data protection principles in their day-to-day work.

Let’s say an organization rolls out the micro course, are all data protection training obligations covered? Does it need anything besides that?

The chat-based micro-course complements existing data protection training obligations but should not be considered as the sole and complete solution. It provides a convenient and engaging way to reinforce key concepts and ensure continuous learning. However, organizations may still need to provide additional training or resources depending on their specific industry, regulatory requirements, and organizational needs. They will also need a written data protection policy and appoint a person to talk to in case of questions or issues. Yet, the micro-course serves as a valuable tool in building a comprehensive data protection training program, and in particular to create awareness in a fun way.

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