Creating Engaging and Effective Conversational Microlearning: Insights from eLearn Podcast

Creating Engaging and Effective Conversational Microlearning: Insights from eLearn Podcast

In spring 2023, Ladek invited Pascal Rosenberger, the co-founder of eggheads, to the eLearn podcast. They discussed conversational microlearning and how to effectively create it. You can watch the entire episode (see below) or read the summary on our blog.

10 Key messages

  1. Conversational microlearning lets you learn in small chunks, making it feel like you’re chatting with a friend or colleague on a messaging app.
  2. eggheads uses rule-based (and meanwhile AI-powered) chatbot technology to make conversational microlearning interactive and engaging.
  3. This rule-based chatbot technology is straightforward and useful for learning, guiding you through a topic step by step.
  4. The platform is designed to make it easy and fast for creators to build short learning sessions, which can be done in a few hours or less.
  5. eggheads plans to use artificial intelligence in the future for example to speed up content creation. Update (Summer 2023): AI is now implemented. Read how it helps you create a better learning experience.
  6. Conversational microlearning is versatile and can be used for different training needs like compliance training, product knowledge for sales teams, or customer education.
  7. You can easily blend this platform with existing systems like Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Microsoft Teams, bringing conversational microlearning into current learning setups.
  8. Users create the content for microlearning sessions, whether they are central learning officers, team leaders, or subject matter experts.
  9. Making the content relatable, casual, and focused on specific goals can boost the effectiveness of conversational microlearning.
  10. The future of conversational microlearning is about embracing common behaviors like chatting on smartphones, and possibly using AI to improve the content creation process, always keeping the user in mind. Update (Summer 2023): AI is now implemented. Read how it helps you create a better learning experience.

This is how to create effective and engaging conversational microlearning

1. Define the Desired Outcome

  • Know what you want the participants to know or do after going through the microlearning content.

2. Understand Your Audience

  • Learn about your audience’s language, culture, and common experiences to make the content relatable. Assess their needs and current knowledge.

3. Align with Organizational Goals

  • Make sure the microlearning fits with the wider organizational goals to help achieve the organization’s objectives.

4. Craft Conversational Microlearning Content

  • Use chatbot technology to create short, interactive learning pieces.
  • Try to make the experience feel like chatting with a coworker, imagine having a conversation.
  • Keep the content short, focused, and interactive to keep learners engaged. Make them part of the conversation.

5. Measure and Assess

  • Include assessments to check the effectiveness of the learning and ensure goals are being met.

6. Provide Additional Resources

  • Offer extra resources and support for learners wanting to explore topics further.
  • Provide links to more readings, discussion forums, or access to mentors and experts.

7. Utilize Existing Technologies

  • Incorporate microlearning content into existing tech platforms like Learning Management Systems (LMS) or business messaging apps like Microsoft Teams to deliver bite-sized learning pieces.

8. Improve continuously

  • Gather feedback from learners and watch user engagement to keep improving the content and delivery.
  • Use feedback from assessments to make necessary improvements.

9. Review and Refresh Content:

Regularly check and update the microlearning content to keep it relevant and effective over time.

Are you interested in exploring conversational microlearning for your organization? Read more about conversational microlearning in our blog or start with a free account, which will also give you temporary access to the latest AI capabilities.

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