What to Look for in a Corporate Compliance Microlearning Solution

What to Look for in a Corporate Compliance Microlearning Solution

Microlearning can make compliance training more effective and efficient. This article explores common challenges businesses face and what to look for in a corporate compliance microlearning solution. You’ll discover what you can achieve using eggheads and how AI supports both you and your employees.

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A corporate compliance microlearning solution needs to match the needs of busy professionals. Image generated with Midjourney.

Compliance training is a must for many companies and their employees. While some argue it just needs to be done no matter how, others look for more effective and efficient ways to meet their requirements. A study found that finance sector employees spend up to 18 hours annually on this type of training (source). Given the amount of time spent, it’s important to use it wisely, especially as the density of regulation increases.

Challenges with traditional compliance training methods include information overload, monotony of content, difficulty in keeping up with regulation changes, a lack of personalization, and compliance fatigue among employees. Microlearning offers action-oriented and immediate problem-solving solutions that can be applied on the job.

1. Content: Ready-Made, DIY – or Both

Common compliance training topics are Data Protection and Privacy, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) or Workplace Ethics and Conduct. Whether the training is externally or internally driven, content for organizational compliance training needs to be current and accurate. This ensures relevance in line with the latest regulations and standards. Since laws and regulations constantly evolve, the chosen solution must regularly update its content.

The question of whether to create or buy your compliance training modules often depends on the capacity of your organization. If you have sufficient resources and skills, you may opt to create your own. In this case, seek a custom corporate compliance microlearning solution like eggheads that can transform existing material into engaging microlearning modules swiftly and conveniently with the help of AI.

However, for those lacking in-house content creation capacity, an external microlearning solution offering a library of ready-made modules can serve better. While eggheads may lack a comprehensive off-the-shelf training library, we do provide a micro course on data privacy.

It’s also beneficial to use different types of microlearning in a corporate compliance microlearning program like videos, text, infographics, and interactive activities such as chatbots. This mix of formats keeps the content lively and interesting.

2. Ease of Use and Customization

Engagement starts with simplicity. A corporate compliance microlearning solution should provide a user-friendly interface. The chat-based approach of eggheads for example simplifies how staff learn about compliance.

Since chatting is straightforward and familiar to anyone who uses apps like WhatsApp, interacting with a chatbot is easy. This method is particularly effective for employees who don’t work at desks, including blue-collar workers, making it accessible to a wider range of the workforce.

Customization is another key driver of user engagement. It ensures that learners engage with material that directly applies to their work environment. Rather than being too general for a whole industry, training should fit the specific business, place, and culture where it’s used. If the solution you implement supports agile content creation, similar to eggheads, then you can easily customize the content with AI’s help.

3. Analytics and Reporting

An investment in compliance training can be seen as a form of prevention or insurance that pays off, especially in relation to potential fines or reputational damage arising from non-compliance.

To show an auditor that your staff knows the important laws and rules for your business, you need data as proof. A corporate compliance microlearning solution comes with analytics to give you insight into how users are progressing and how many have completed the training.

Quizzes and assessments help you check how well employees remember the information and where there might still be gaps in their knowledge. With eggheads, your AI instantly creates these quizzes and assessments for you.

5. Integrations

A crucial aspect of a microlearning compliance training solution is its accessibility. It needs to be compatible with various devices such as computers, tablets, and phones, ensuring training is available wherever users are. Rather than requiring users to adapt to a new platform or app, it’s more effective to integrate compliance training into the systems that staff are already using.

With eggheads, you can easily embed your compliance chatbots on a website through an iframe. If your organization uses Microsoft Teams, the egghead Microsoft Teams App transforms this central communication and collaboration tool into a platform for compliance microlearning.

Finally, the platform needs to have strong security measures and the ability to integrate well with other systems. It must keep users’ sensitive information safe and follow privacy laws. Also, being able to connect with existing Learning Management Systems or Human Resources Information Systems is essential for it to work smoothly.

6. Scalability and Flexibility

Digital solutions are usually designed to be scalable and flexible. However, it’s important not to assume this is always the case, especially as business needs can evolve. A corporate compliance microlearning solution should easily scale to support more users and content without losing performance. It should also allow for the addition of new corporate compliance training topics or modules as required, without needing major changes.

Meeting these requirements ensures that a corporate compliance microlearning solution not only educates and engages employees effectively but also keeps pace with the changing world of regulatory compliance and the growth of the organization.

Compliance Microlearning Case Study

Our case study of Ebury, a financial technology company, shows that microlearning, especially in a chat-based format, can effectively meet the challenges of compliance training by making it more engaging, relevant, and easy to access. This method is valued for how well it fits into employees’ busy schedules and for its potential to improve the retention and use of compliance knowledge in real-life situations.

If you’re looking to shift from a generic, checkbox-style compliance training to a more personalized, engaging, and adaptable approach, we suggest reading the full case study.

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