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person facing online risks

Exploring Chat-Based Microlearning for Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity is often not taken as seriously as it should be, as...

Chat-based Microlearning for Compliance Training

To increase awareness for compliance, the annual training is not enough. Enhance...
busy professionals

Beyond the Checkbox: A Case Study on the Efficacy of Chat-Based Microlearning in Compliance Training

Find out how chat-based microlearning is changing compliance training. Gain insights on...
Woman and man at work learn with the help of a chatbot

Can Chatbots Improve Online Learning? A Scientific Review.

Explore our scientific review on chatbots for online learning. Learn how they...
Benefits of Microlearning: When you provide knowledge in delicious and bite-sized portions - like pralinés.

Benefits of microlearning

Explore the benefits of microlearning. Discover how this innovative educational strategy improves...
tutor-like feedback with eggheads microsoft teams app

Tutor-like Feedback And Automated Content: Digital Learning Becomes Even More Effective With eggheads’ New AI

Eggheads launches AI features to 1) provide personalized, tutor-like feedback in chat-based...

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