7 Benefits of Information Security Awareness Training

7 Benefits of Information Security Awareness Training

Reducing risks, that’s why security awareness training is important. It’s a cost-effective investment in prevention that can protect your business’s finances and reputation. Discover 7 benefits of security awareness training.

image shows the close-up of an eye symbolising employees that are aware of cyber risks
Employees who know how to spot and react to cyber threats help reduce a business’s risk of a data breach. Image: Generated with Midjourney.

Human Weaknesses Make Everybody Vulnerable

Have you ever seen an optical illusion? It can make you see things that aren’t real. Our perception of the world isn’t perfect. It’s hard to accept, but we can be easily fooled. This is also true for how we see ourselves.

When it comes to cybersecurity, these beliefs are widely held:

  • We often think we’re not an interesting target, saying things like “there’s nothing they can take from me.”
  • We might also believe we are safe because we use antivirus software or our IT department has our back.
  • Also, even if we think it’s true, it’s common to say we’re smart enough to stay safe, with phrases like “I’m not stupid, I won’t be fooled.”

Our (self-)perceptions can deceive us, leading to a false sense of security in both our personal views and cybersecurity practices.

This matters because cybercriminals know, that it’s easier to hack people than systems. They aim to exploit human weaknesses and create convincing situations to make us do something that results in damage.

If you ask yourself: why is security awareness training so important? Discover the following benefits.

How Criminals See It

To give an idea on the attitude some threat actors have, here are two quotes from National Geographic’s documentary Trafficked on Cybercrime (S3 E7):

The old school way: stealing information. We realize we don‘t need that. People give you the Information.
Anonymous person in Trafficked
Why sorry? We‘re not doing them any harm. We just provide paid training for system Administrators. Is it our fault the company doesn‘t want to invest money to protect their systems?
Anonymous person in Trafficked

1. Reduce Risks

All businesses aim to continue serving their customers and running their operations. To keep the business going and maintain business continuity, it’s important to lessen the impact of any problem that might arise.

Training in information security is a part of managing risks in a business. It’s an investment in prevention that helps to lower the risks of cyber threats.

Security Awareness Training teaches employees how to spot and handle threats. It shows them what to do if something goes wrong. This training is key to preventing data leaks and keeping the company’s private information safe.

2. Tech Alone Won’t Keep Your Business Safe

Although you can and should take many technical measures, technology alone won’t fully protect your business. In fact, relying too much on technology can even give a false sense of security.

As long as humans design and use IT systems, recognizing the benefits of security awareness training becomes essential in playing a proactive role in defense. Rather than seeing employees as the weakest link, information security training enables them to take responsibility in defending the organization.

This approach treats staff as the first line of defense, often referred to as the human firewall.

3. Prevent Financial Losses

If workers know what they’re doing, they can spot and stop security risks. This can save a company a lot of money.

On average, a data breach costs a business 4,45 Mio USD (Source: IBM https://www.ibm.com/reports/data-breach).

Compared to the potential expenses, investing in security awareness training is highly cost-efficient. It’s like buying insurance or sticking to your habit of ‘eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away’.

4. Secure Trust and Reputation

Businesses build on relationships. Relationships build on trust. Yet, trust is a fragile thing. It takes a long time to develop and can be destroyed in an instant.

Customers and partners trust you with their data, and a breach could break that it, risking revenue loss.

This highlights the importance of security awareness training. It helps maintain this trust and protect your organization’s reputation by teaching staff to act securely.

5. Stay Compliant

IT Security Training also helps meet regulatory requirements. Many organizations use cyber security awareness training to comply with standards such as GDPR, the DSG or HIPAA.

By educating your employees, you ensure they know their duties and obligations. This reduces the risk of data breaches or misuse of personal data and protects individuals’ rights. Therefore, it’s not just a bonus; it’s a necessary step to safeguard the personal data your organization handles.

6. Keep up with Evolving Threats

Technology advances quickly, and so do cybercriminals. New inventions create new methods for them to target and try to trick staff.

Security Awareness Training promotes ongoing learning, helping essential knowledge stick and keeping awareness high throughout the year.

Agile training solutions, such as eggheads, enable quick responses to evolving threats and help employees adapt.

7. Establish a Security Culture

Regular security awareness training is very important. It makes everyone at work feel like they are part of keeping the workplace safe.

One of the additional benefits of information security awareness training is, that it builds a good security culture in your organization. It shows employees how important they are to the company’s security and success.

Information security awareness training is not only about keeping the organization safe; it also encourages everyone to take responsibility, both at work and in their private lives. This makes such training vital for an organization’s culture and success.

If you still ask what is the risk of not having security awareness training? Let’s sum up the importance of cyber security awareness training for employees: You’ll miss out on a cost-effective way to reduce the risk of a cyber security incident and its related financial losses.

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