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Do your employees always know the latest news
from your company? Are their skills up-to-date?

In our time many businesses struggle to keep employees current and updated. The modern workforce is:

Too busy

Employees only have four minutes a day for formal learning
(source: Deloitte).

On the go

The workforce is
increasingly mobile


76% of the knowledge of a
learning event is lost after only
six days (source: Ebbinghaus)

If you not only want to survive digitization but make it a success, well connected, informed and
trained employees and partners have become a critical success factor for your business.

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Reimagine knowledge transfer

To reach and engage employees, meet their expectations and preferences.

Make knowledge transfer:

  • simple
  • quick
  • mobile
  • interactive
  • directly accessible

Chat fulfills all these requirements. People messaging.

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Let your internal news and trainings feel like Whatsapp. Provide an experience like Duolingo with your content.

Our conversational microlearning platform allows you to create, distribute and analyze chat conversations.
Or if you prefer the technical term: to get your own internal chatbot.

As a trainer you craft short, mobile and interactive conversations - by request leveraging AI.

Employees access these learning nuggets either via SMS/Web (available) or via Microsoft Teams or Slack (in development).

The main benefits:

More punch

The micro-format ensures
no time is wasted

Better retention

Repetition meets human learning behaviour and creates awareness

More engagement

Chat is interactive
and keeps attention

No new app

Leverage existing platforms - like SMS and the web browser or a business messenger like Microsoft Teams or Slack.

In the flow of work

Knowledge is not locked away in an isolated Learning Management System (LMS) or a standalone mobile app


Messaging is the most popular and native form of communication on a smartphone.

Unlock the simplicity and popularity of chat for corporate learning, internal communication and knowledge management.

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Perfect for trainings, internal communication
and knowledge management

Use for:

Training Preparation

Pave the way to make your training a success by sending out learning nuggets before your students enter the classroom.

Training Reinforcement

Improve learning retention by reaching out after your training event. Make knowledge stick.

Sales Trainings

Increase sales by ensuring your sales reps know the latest value propositions and ways to win new customers.

Product Trainings

To compete in the market your products and services evolve rapidly. Make sure your employees keep up.

Compliance Trainings

A requirement can become an enjoyable experience.

Cyber Security Trainings

Raise awareness for cyber security risks and prevent your business from becoming a victim of costly cyber crime.

Knowledge Tests, Quizzes and Assessments

Challenge your employees and check their knowledge level in a fun and engaging way.

Employee Onboarding

Provide a virtual buddy that accompanies new-hires and empowers them to reach their full performance as quickly as possible.

Employee Surveys

Feel your employees’ pulse and get valuable feedback for your organization with chatbased surveys.

Change Communication

Transformation happens fast, keep your employees in the loop with constant communication.

Internal News

Deliver everything your employees need to know from news to policies and get more impact for your internal communications.

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It works
a success story of a Swiss multinational insurance company

Read this success story and find out how a Swiss multinational insurance company co-created a Learnbot with us
to train their employees and experienced results that convinced it to further create value with conversational microlearning.

The challenges:

  • The insurance industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation.
  • The company strategically focuses on providing a superior customer experience, simplifying work and providing better products and services through constantly innovating.
  • The company is convinced, to make this strategy work it has to attract and retain the best talent available - especially digital natives.
  • In addition, it has to ensure that their employees have the knowledge and training to deliver value and quality service to customers.
  • In internal surveys employees stated their dissatisfaction with both the access to and format of learning resources to support their career development. Relevant resources are ‘locked away’ in the Learning Management System (LMS) or somewhere on the Intranet.

The goals:

  • The company wants to differentiate itself with new solutions to develop employees’ knowledge and skills.
  • It wants to provide training that employees do not need to look for, and to make it easy for them to access the information.
  • It wants a short, personalized and focused approach to learning that is needed in today’s digital age.

We needed a new learning solution. One that helps employees stay relevant and current, cuts out complexity, and is customer-focused, simple and innovative. It is about addressing the modern learning needs of the workforce.

Our collaboration:

  • The Swiss multinational insurance company chose as it couldn’t find anything else on the market to tackle all of the challenges described.
  • We used an agile approach and design thinking, ensuring we would continuously produce and iterate to keep the co-creation process flowing.

The results:

The results based on analytics data and internal surveys:

  • 80 percent of users who started a training, completed it
  • Up to 70 percent of users actively recommended the new learning experience to a co-worker
  • Number of signed-up users thus grew organically 30 percent in six weeks
  • 94% of users polled want to continue learning with their Learnbot
  • NPS: 72
  • What people say: easy to access, simple and straightforward, very intuitive, quick, short pills, fun to learn, innovative experience.

This is a micro learning solution, reinforcing knowledge and bringing new topics to people within a few minutes. It is a great addition to our learning tool suit. Last but not least, no new app is needed as the Learnbot integrates into existing channels (be it SMS/Web or Teams or Workplace)

A whole new way of learning

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The team

Patric Fuchs

Co-Founder and CTO

Pascal Rosenberger

Pascal Rosenberger

Co-Founder and CEO

Our advisors

Sophie Hundertmark

Sophie Hundertmark

Chatbot Expert, Zurich

Jiaqi Pan

Jiaqi Pan

CEO Landbot, Barcelona

Albrecht Kresse

Albrecht Kresse

Founder Edutrainment, Berlin

Thomas Gabathuler

Thomas Gabathuler

Entrepreneur and Investor, Zurich

To not only survive digitization but make it a success, well connected, trained and informed employees have become a critical success factor.

Our mission it to make knowledge easily accessible and shareable via conversational interfaces like chatbots. is a conversational microlearning and communication platform that allows businesses to unlock the simplicity and popularity of chat for trainings, internal communication and knowledge management.

We empower businesses to stay competitive.

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