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Get your egghead, the AI-enhanced chatbot for employees. Use it for onboarding, training, engagement, and performance support. Create bite-sized refreshers and just-in-time training for fast moving teams. So simple, every team member can use it.

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Today's challenges with learning at work

Does this sound familiar?

You provide various forms of training such as traditional classroom sessions, e-learning and more for your employees to help them improve their skills. Yet, you may notice that their behavior or performance does not change much. Many employees continue to work in the same way they always have.

Professionals are busy. It can be hard for them to find time to learn new things. Sometimes, they see learning as taking away time from their job. They usually only spend four to five minutes a day for formal learning (source: Deloitte).

It can be hard to get the attention of busy professionals and keep them engaged in training and learning. Employees often get bored quickly and lose interest. They are used to consuming engaging content in their personal lives and expect similar experiences at work.
For many employees, training might feel like something they have to do just to check it off their list. What’s in it for me? How will this help me? they ask. They have a hard time connecting with the topic and figuring out how it can be useful for them. One-size fits all content doesn’t do the trick.
Often, employees receive all the important information a business wants them to know in one big session. However, the human brain can only take in a limited amount of information at a time. When overwhelmed with too much information at once, we tend to forget it quickly. If you asked Ebbinghaus we forget 76% of what we learned within just six days. This makes training ineffective and it gets criticised as a wasted expense.
Creating traditional e-learning content can take a long time, sometimes even weeks or months. By the time the content is ready and reaches the employees, it may be out of date. And it can be expensive to produce. In today’s fast-paced world, this can put your business at a disadvantage

It's time to make learning conversational

Reach and engage employees where they are in the way they enjoy: in their messengers and chat-based.This is microlearning for the messaging age. Get started with conversational microlearning.


When employees interact with your e-learning chatbot it's like chatting with a friend.


Capture your audience's attention and boost engagement.


Share helpful business knowledge with bite-sized modules.


Tailor the content to your employee's needs to make it more relevant.


Push regular text-based microlearning to your employees to follow up.

This is what you can do with eggheads

Eggheads is an AI-powered microlearning platform. You could also call eggheads a nanolearning platform. It allows you to:


Build on AI and e-learning chatbot technology to create conversational micro content. These chat-based learning nuggets can be consumed in any browser or directly in Microsoft Teams.


Share a link to your content via your own channels or use eggheads to send SMS and Emails to notify your employees about new chats. With our Microsoft Teams App you can push notifications directly into the popular business messenger.


Track training and measure uptake with inbuilt analytics. Get to know your audience and better understand what they already know - and what not - with quizzes. Listen and get feedback with surveys.


Every piece of text-based microlearning runs in every browser. This gives you the largest flexibility. With our Teams App you can inform, educate and engage employees in the flow of work. Frictionless.

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Take your training to the next level

Looking for a more effective and efficient way to train your employees? Add eggheads to your training mix and take advantage of these benefits. 

More effective: Better retention and adoption, higher awareness

Increase the impact of training to see the behavior and mindset change you need to see. Continuous campaigns help people remember and stay aware.

More efficient: Easy and fast to create

An e-learning chatbot is easy to create. Author your content in no time and rapidly share it with your teams. No agency needed.

No new apps

Reach employees on their computers and smartphones in the tools they already use. Seamlessly integrate conversational microlearning in the flow of work.

400+ teams have adopted the eggheads

I am blown away by the! It’s an incredibly innovative solution that allows me to learn and reinforce my knowledge in just a few minutes. Plus, the fact that it integrates seamlessly with existing channels makes it even more convenient.

Matt Davies


The Learnbot has been a game-changer for me. As someone who is always on-the-go, I love that I can access micro learning topics and reinforce my knowledge through my existing channels. It’s an excellent addition to our learning tool suite.

Larissa Schneider

HR manager

I highly recommend the to anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge and skills in a quick and convenient way. It’s a fantastic solution that integrates seamlessly with existing channels, making it easy to access and use on-the-go.

Maxi Sigismund


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